The information provided here is for private commissions only.
If you would like to hire me to design merchandise, do artwork for an event, or anything else that may include licensing or production rights,
please email me at

Unsolicited commissions are closed until further notice. When I am open, I will announce what I am open for on all my social media and art sites. The prices and rules on this page are accurate, but meant only as a rough guideline and are subject to change at my will. - 5/4/2018

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By the way, the art displayed on this page are low-quality previews.
Please click the images to see what the commissions actually look like!

Base Price

A full-body, flat-colored, single character on a simple background (or transparent) as long as a visual reference is provided.


Visual reference/model sheet not provided +$20 per character

Shading +$20

Background in a specific location +$50 minimum, price varies based on artistic freedom and complexity

Additional characters +$30 per character (max 3 characters in 1 image)

Special Styles

I like dabbling in different styles.
If you want something a little special and want to know how much it'd cost, feel free to email me with an example of the kind of picture you want me to draw!

***I will NOT draw gore/candy gore, genitals, or sexually explicit material.
***I will NOT draw people from photographs (including celebrities).
***I will NOT try to directly copy another artist's style.
***I will NOT start working on a commission until I receive payment.
***Prices may differ from what is on this page at my discretion based on complexity.
***I reserve the right to refuse a request for any reason whatsoever.

The Process
***When I am open for commissions, there will be a Google form here for people to fill out.
***I will contact you with any questions or comments I have about your submitted form.
***If your application is approved, you will be sent an invoice for the cost of your commission.
***Payment must be paid in full before any work is done.
***I do not give WIP updates unless specifically asked; I usually finish commissions in one sitting.
***When the commission is complete, a full-sized/high resolution image can be provided upon request.
***You can post your commission anywhere you want online, but please give credit and link back to me when you can!

If you have any further questions or comments, email me: